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About Coach Harry Consulting

In my 40 years of experience in business consulting, I have worked on many different types of projects and found business solutions for a plethora of industries.

My first experience in my 40 years of business experience started in 1976 with a successful fast food franchise I founded. We sold 544 franchises over a 4-year period.
In 1988, my services were enlisted to help a company that had recently filed two patents. I helped them create a structure for their franchise, get the correct paperwork in order, set up processes to work with two engineers to outsource the parts for production, buy in quantities and put the pieces in order for efficient in-house assembly. Together, we sold 100 franchises over a ten-month period.
My latest experience includes helping a company create a great franchise. This involved analyzing their business and constructing a great franchise structure that would be successful. We established a franchise fee and a royalty structure. A few keys to success were a great sense of the legal proceedings surrounding a franchise of this kind, disclosures, and a great sales plan.

With 40 years of consulting experience, Coach Harry Consulting knows how to make your business grow.

Harry Sebald



  • I first met Harry when I was working at McDonald's on West Tuscarawas in Canton, Ohio. The owner had sent him from the other unit on Cleveland Avenue. The Tuscarawas store had been losing money because of poor management and the owner sent him there to fix the problem. He fixed the store's issues in just a few months. Harry has exceptional management and leadership skills. I have never met anyone like him. He has the ability to quickly analyze a problem and come up with a unique and creative solution that I doubt other people would have been capable of. I've known Harry since I was 18 years old. In the years I've worked with him, he has taught me many skills that I am grateful for. He hired me to come and work for him at two of his companies. Because of his mentoring I achieved the rank of vice president at one of his companies. Harry has the ability to tackle any task with great fervor and tenacity. Once he is engaged with something, he will never quit, giving the task everything he has until completion. Harry is extremely honest and is a true Christian. He helped me to find God in my life and I thank him for it as well. I have never met anyone quite like Harry. His ability to recognize the potential in someone and bring it out of them is remarkable. He is capable of getting people to do much more than they ever dreamed. When Harry was a manager at McDonald's he could take a mediocre crew and turn them into an exceptional crew.


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